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Not posted here in a long while, and not sure even how many people still read it but I need a way to get my thoughts out this is the easiest at the moment.

Ever since returning from the Gulf, I've felt an outside at work.  It may have been I was an outsider before I left and didn't realize it, but its definitely apparent now.  

So, a co-worker recently has been sick but no one has really said anything about it.  Today they are sending around emails asking people to sign a card for him and donate money.  That only happens when something is wrong.  There was one email which mentioned his co-pays, again, indicating it's medical and likely to be costly.

I find out second hand he has Lymphona, and it appears its Stage 4, which is the latest stage. Its possible to recover, and he is young (in his mid-late 20s) so he could pull out just fine.  He starts Chemo soon.

Part of me feels a need to help out, although financially it is tough right now. Everyone at work thinks we are doing so well after going to the Gulf, but no one knows how much our pay was cut upon returning and how much of a hardship that has been.  Also, this nagging question keeps ringing in my mind... "Would any of them do this for me?" and the answer I keep getting back is "Nope. You're not that liked here."   I'd get a "Sorry to hear you are sick" and that'd be it.  I'd not see any financial help.  I guess I'm bitter and don't want to be.  I want to help him out, even if its not much, but keep finding it hard to convince myself its the right thing to do.

I hate internal debates like this.

Secure DNS

So, I've been using a Proxy server for over a year now when I surf the web from public locations. You know... you go to the local coffee shop or are at work or somewhere else you really don't want someone to be able to snoop on what you are doing because you don't know the safety of the system/network. Here is a tip I've learned recently:

Secure your DNS trafficCollapse )

The Spoiled Under 30-Crowd

I was sent this via email by a friend and had to share. Its funny and worth the time to read to the end:

If you are over 30....Collapse )

Time to Leave?

I've considered leaving California for some time now.  I remember when I moved here, California in my mid-west eyes was a golden and adventurous place. The land of the movie stars and the last real frontier of America as it was on the West Coast.  When I moved out here nearly 20 years ago, it was to the Central Valley and I /hated/ it with a passion, thus why I finished college and hurried North to the SF Bay area.  I love it up here in the bay area (North Bay) and have left really comfortable for the 3.5 years we've been here.

The recent election on Prop 8 and it killing gay marriages which were deemed legal in the State makes me sick.  But I've been able to accept it, knowing that it will come to a vote again in a few years most likely and will probably win.  I recently saw Milk and that made me think that here in California at least, give it time, and it will go in favor of the gays of California. 

However, this recent article on banning divorce in California has me seriously, more than ever, thinking I need to get out of this state.   Wasn't it Henry VII that shook up the Church in England to allow divorce?  It's been "legal" to do in the US for... hell, I can't even find how long.  What the hell does this guy really think to accomplish?  It seems clear he has no real clue that "protecting traditional marriage" is like forcing your beliefs on others when in the US we clearly have stated in the Bill of Rights the Freedom to Religion!  Maybe my religion doesn't seem marriage the same way as he does, so you are going to force your views on me because you think in America its "traditional".  This is one political movement, if it ends up on the ballot (and I'm guessing it probably will knowing this state), that I'll be sure to get involved in. I'm going to be out there with a bloody sign or banner, maybe a damn bullhorn and verbally attacking those idiots trying to take away my freedoms from me because they think theirs are more important.  I'm fired up now... soon the Monster will escape, then watch out! RAAAAAAH!

Seriously, any of you out there who hear more about this as it progresses, please pass it on!  Especially if you know of or find those who are opposed to this.


This year is moving by quickly now. Ever since I started my classes the weeks seem to have just been flying by, not to mention I've been more motivated and focused on doing well.

I've a little over a week left of my current mod, which is the first of 3 with this instructor to get me the mad skillz to get my A+ certification, although I'm considering taking the Cert test before I finish these classes.  I even have the instructor suggesting I give it a go and he has pointed me to a few practice tests to try before I spend the money on the cert.

October is such a great month. Halloween for one, the weather here in Sonoma starting to cool off and autumn arriving, and the anniversary of my wedding. Nine years its been. Wow... Nine years. It doesn't seem that long looking back at it, but its been some very turbulent 9 years. Not for our marriage but just life in general, a life I wouldn't have wanted to wade through without my D.  I love you babes! Thank you for everything in the last nine years and here is to another great many years together.  Its good to look at the future and have it look brighter than it has in a long time.


Two weeks ago had a break at school for a week and all I can say is it was needed!  I'm back into class again, starting my second week of what will turn out to be about 18 weeks total of my computer hardware classes which will take me through the end of the year.  So far, its been pretty easy and straightforward and it will be prepping me for the A+ cert.  Great thing is putting an older system together. We are talking P3, 600Mhz processor with 128 MB of RAM a 40GB HDD (IDE naturally), and a CD-ROM drive.  Oh yeah, can't forget the AGP ATI Rage II graphics card which is just smoking hot. ;)   Its going to be running 98SE!  I feel old now since there are those in my class who never have seen 98.

So ready for Diablo III and Starcraft II to get released.  This weekend installed Starcraft and Brood Wars again, but only got through 3 of the Terran missions before being dragged away to see Inglorious Bastards. Loved the movie, especially the music and a few scenes where you can tell he took real care with audio aspects of the movie. As typical for Tarantino, a lot of dying and graphic violence but I did really enjoy even the plot even.  

Its going to be a hot week here in wine country. First day of Autumn and it feels like summer. Ohwell.. hopefully plenty of rain is on the way.


Since I've not updated in a little while here on LJ, here goes...

The doctor feels fairly certain my ankle problem is
Gout, a form of arthritis, caused by uric acid in the blood crystallizing into the joints because the body can't eliminate it properly. Uric acid is formed from purines in foods we eat, namely things such as meat, seafood (bummer), and beer.  No beer for me... but little loss as I don't drink much beer and prefer wine ;)  What gets me is I've been changing eating habits for the better, have lost 11 pounds in the last nine months, and yet still this attack hit.  Anyway, working on a regiment now of meds for it, which only helps to minimize/reduce the likelihood of attacks but not preventing them.  Thanks mom, for all the fun I get to look forward to with arthritis the rest of my life. At least the doc tried to cheer me up and joke that it being called the Disease of Kings, I should feel like royalty. I wouldn't mind, but where are the riches and power that go with it?! ;)

On a positive note... I finished my 3 week section of classes last night! Wooo!  Now the last three weeks just flew by but it was painful. Not just because of the ankle but due to the amount of work crammed into a 3 week section.  But its over and I get to start on my hardware class Tuesday. Looking forward to that, as it will prep me for the A+ cert test, which I feel is the next big step towards my goal. The only tough part is dealing with my current job and keeping it from dragging me down into a pit of despair while I finish my education goals.

Glad for a three day weekend!! Perfect time after this 3 week section of classes and the stresses of work lately.  Plan is to check out the
Point Arena Lighthouse this weekend up in Point Arena.  It's one of the tallest in California and only one of such height (115 ft) you can still climb to the top!  Should be quite an experience.. hope the ankle holds up.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Another set of classes down with and over, once I take a final for Access tonight.  Yesterday I wasn't sure I was going to finish it all, but I did manage (with the help of goldenmaia ) to get my Access Final Project done last night. Wooo!   I didn't do anything fancy, just what the guidelines asked for, but with work picking up again I just don't seem to have the energy in the evenings to focus into doing more for class than just completing the assignments.

Next group of classes will be a lot more intense, only 2 classes but they are a solid four hours each night whereas so far its only been classes at 2 nights a week, 2 hours a night (was doing 4 classes though).  It's half as many weeks, but a lot more work. There are days I'd like for the program to be more like that, just to finish it sooner.

Jul. 30th, 2009

I came across this on viakhall 

I liked this article and felt it gave a overall positive view of the poly lifestyle to the general public.

This sums up my views on it nicely: "engaging in loving, intimate relationships with more than one person—based upon the knowledge and consent of everyone involved."


Edit: Total newbie mistake and forgot to attach the link! Doh!


I've not posted much lately, mostly because I've been busy with work and school... but mostly trying to keep up with school. Its going to be a long year until I finish.

Anyway, all this talk about "affordable health care" has got me thinking and there is just one question I've not found a real answer too as our elected officials attempt to devise a health care system that is suppose to cover every American and not make us poor in the process.

What /is/ affordable health care? 

I don't see any definition of that anywhere. What's affordable to my neighbor may not be affordable to me.  What happens if the company I work for, who has already changed my health care so I'm paying for 50% of it now which is a rather large chuck of change, decides to drop me completely once a national health care shows up, and on top of that it's going to cost me more than what it would if my employer still offered a plan but wanted me to pay 100% of it?  Worse yet, what about all those of you out there with children. I don't have any and its times like these I'm glad I don't. How the hell would I be able to afford them?!

From all I've read and heard, it sounds like we may be on the track of health care for all Americans but nothing which is going to be affordable for everyone and definitely still far below the quality of health care available it just about every other industrialized country in the world.